Fiestas del Sol o San Juan in Puerto de la Cruz

The night of San Juan is a magical night; night of miracles and healings; night of love. Thisfestival is celebrated in Tenerife on the night of  23rd of June and in the morning of  24th ofJune. In Puerto de la Cruz will be organized great fireworks additional to bonfires on beaches.
As it is a magical night, there are many traditions with which it is celebrated , but we’re going to tell you about the most popular in Tenerife:
1. At the moment that the sun illuminates the dawn on the 24th of June, the waters of springs and streams are endowed with special powers to heal and  protect  people.
2. People who bathes in this evening will be protected all year round
3. If you want to get much luck at work, you have to swim naked in the ocean, watching the moon.
4. Singles are supposed to look out their windows on that day and should be able to see the love of their lifes walk by.
5. To be successful all year round write down all your wishes and then burn this paper.

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