The Festival of Virgen del Carmen in Puerto de la Cruz

The Festival of Virgen del Carmenis one of the most highly anticipated events in the north of Tenerife. It’s a festival of the seafaring community, because Carmen is a patron saint of mariners and fishermen. The celebration begins on 16 of July with a walking tour of Puerto’s streets.
Every year around 16th July, spectacular maritime processions of decorated fishing boats head out to sea carrying their precious cargo – the statue of the Virgen del Carmen. But before that, the Virgen del Carmen is paraded through the streets for all to see.  The festival ends with a fireworks show at the dock and after that the  statue of the Virgin del Carmen returns back to the church.

There are many other traditiones how to celebrate the festival of Virgen del Carmen: On the eve of this celebration is held on the beach of San Telmo “Sardinada”, where many gather to eat grilled sardines Portuenses and dance music and On the day of the boat procession people bathe in the harbor.
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