4 reasons to visit Puerto de la Cruz at Christmas

f you want to escape of the sad winter time, Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife is the right place for you.
More and more people visit Tenerife to enjoy a few marvelous Christmas Days with their family, couple and friends. We mention to you 4 reasons for which it is worth visiting Puerto de la Cruz in winter.

Eternal spring

Tenerife is known as the place of the eternal spring, because also in winter the average temperature is around 21°C. This is a real advantage compared to other places, although there is no homogeneous climate. What fascinates are the 20 climatic zones of the island, especially in winter, the contrasts can be observed. While you are at a point of the island enjoying the sunny sun, in another nearby point it can be completely cloudy and with low clouds, with “paunch of donkey”, as they call the canaries.

Thanks to its soft climate it is enough to take spring clothes, but we recommend to take a jacket if you find a few cold days.


The attractive city Puerto de la Cruz offers diverse activities and attractions. One of the most well-known is the Loro Parque, which you should not miss . Here you can admire more thantwo hundred parrots species and see the amazing spectacles of whales and dolphins.

sweet turrones christmas tenerife

Or what about to admire the Teide covered with snow while you are not cold? While it is possible to enjoy the nature a soft climate, the Teide offers an unique view. The main emblem of the island, with a 3718 meters height, is the highest mountain of Spain.

The night owls can also enjoy in Puerto de la Cruz. The bars and discotheques do not open until eleven o’clock in the night. There, the people dance and celebrate until the morning hour. To enjoy an excellent night life we recommend to you to visit Blanco Bar, Cocktailbar, Color Coffee and the discothequeSheriff’s.


Full Relaxation

If you want to relax, at the beach you find the best occasion to do it. Puerto de la Cruz offers wonderful and different beaches. The most beautiful is the Playa Jardín or Lago Martianez , where you can enjoy peacefully the sun (and this also in winter). Do not forget to take your bath clothes!

Christmas ambience

tenerife-christmasIn the Christmas time the Puerto de la Cruz is decorated with grand Christmas lights. Throughout you will find coloured Christmas stars, that emphasize very well the Christmas festivity. To experience the Christmas ambience it is possible to enjoy concerts, special events and small Christmas markets. Taste delightful typical sweets of Christmas like thepolvorón and the turrón and make use that theshops are opened up to the midnight so that you can manage to buy the gifts that you lack.

It is possible to enjoy a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and family and soft temperatures. We guarantee to you that in Puerto de la Cruz Port you will not find the time to miss your country.


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